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This website is dedicated to the love of pianos. Tuning, repairing, playing and finding good homes for them are the goals. Bruce has been playing piano professionally since he was fifteen and has been tuning and repairing pianos since 1973. James plays piano, banjo, and guitar, and has been servicing pianos since 2015.

Bruce and James tune by ear, a method that requires sensitive hearing and a high skill level. Bruce’s tunings have appeared on concert stages and top-selling recordings. They do all types of repairs and adjustments. Bruce specializes in the art of high level grand action regulation and voicing.

Linda and Bruce 2016

Price List

Tuning $115
Includes minor repairs adjustments, and evaluation.

Pitch Raise $50
Balance string tension before a precise tuning

Evaluation $50
Determine repairs required

Basic Cleaning $50
Remove dust and debris from inside piano

Price to be determined

James is experienced in a variety of repairs.
Gift certificates available.

James Klomp